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Post by luthien on 24/08/14, 02:04 am

Is there a need for me to start making/posting ertheia content? For instances adding the ertheia items to the item xml's? or the new skills into skills and skill tree's?


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Ertheia files Empty Re: Ertheia files

Post by Mobius on 24/08/14, 04:17 am

Minimum things that need be done before we go Ertheia...

Java part:
Add Ertheia race enum at
Add the two (I believe) new classes at (check ClassInfo-e.dat).

XML part:
Stats for two new classes (HP/MP/CP etc).
Ertheia race skills (check SkillName-e.dat and see how other similar skills work).
Skill trees for Ertheia classes.

Locked: Use post for Ertheia client support.

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