Summon problem?

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Summon problem?

Post by stas51447 on 02/08/14, 10:58 am

Welcome. Immediately apologize for my bad english  ^^
There is a problem with summon's. If called multiple summon, and if one of them to kill or expel,
disappears status window (health, mana, buffs) both.  Fixed this packet sending a packet PetInfo
and PetStatusUpdate in the method onDelete (model.Summon) for each of summon's

* Method onDelete.
protected void onDelete()
Player owner = getPlayer();
Party party = owner.getParty();
if (party != null)
party.broadcastToPartyMembers(owner, new ExPartyPetWindowDelete(this));
owner.sendPacket(new PetDelete(getSummonType(), getObjectId()));

for(Summon summon : owner.getSummonList().getServitors())
owner.sendPacket(new PetInfo(summon));
owner.sendPacket(new PetStatusUpdate(summon));



Now there is another problem, when you kill summon, is not triggered animation death,
he's just standing there with 0 health and then disappears.. How to fix? Thank You


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