Small and maybe a stupid question, but Its to help the project too.

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Small and maybe a stupid question, but Its to help the project too.

Post by troop3r on 03/01/15, 10:52 am

Well guys, my name is Matias and Im new here, but I follow this project time ago like a ghost :O ahaha.

Well, my question its about your opinion bcoz I don't use much mobius svn, Im working on my Hi5 svn yet.

I want to know what do you think about Mobius files for a mid server (x10-x20 rates)

- How this can help mobius?
Well I that class of guy report a lot of things with official (or say if can't confirm the retail info) and good reports, can all of you already know how important is the good reports to the devs.

- Why I say about that rates? Why not more?
Well, my way to work its make something and work for it, not just a project to test. I love what I do, and try to make professional.
(far future, maybe I will buy Lindvior L2-Scripts source and share with mobius if I see the work here its like I see this time ago. My way to contribuite its that, buy something to my server, and share with the own dev here to he can see how this work there and fix with own hands with own code.)

Srry for long text and my bad english...
Then, what do you think about mid server x10-x20 rates? A lot of bugs to report or can I work a little better?

Thanks for read and for your feedback.
Thanks Mobius to make a open source project, I work with freelance devs and try to learn C# I know a little about how much hard its your work here and you do this without money-reward, really thanks.


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