TO-DO List

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TO-DO List

Post by GM-Exid on 15/06/14, 05:59 pm

I'm making this thread, so we can all work together  at fixing things that are important, Bugs, Errors.

High Priority:

Day of fate Quests.
Awakening Quests, and awaken managers in religuratory.
Skill 13390-13395, un-equiping talismans

Trying to stay organized.


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Re: TO-DO List

Post by luthien on 21/08/14, 09:35 pm

Not sure what the priority would be but this is what I have found.

-Fishing is completely outdated.
-All 4th class dye types
-tailsman's buff & glow aren't removed when unequipped.
-Jenna spawns
-Newbie buffer is using incorrect buffs.
- Aden reconstruction needs to be updated.
-missing some things in gm shop (easy fix).

Sorry for the necro post.


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