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Need to be solved Empty Need to be solved

Post by Metatron on 04/06/14, 07:25 pm

Bugs that need to be fixed:
- Fortresses are not siegeable;
- You can't see your pets active debuffs;
- Throwing dagger shouldn't be 100%;
- The lethal code of any dagger class and fortune seekers needs to be reworked because this skill shouldn't take all the HP and CP, that feature was changed after C6, it is supposed to "lethal" only the CP to 1;
- Return buffs from cancel is not working
- Toogles/Trigger buffs/Certifications are like normal buffs so if one of them triggers you get overbuffed, that shouldn't happen.

Skills and classes:
- Soulhounds: damage needs to be adjusted because some slh skills do damage depending on the amount of buffs the opponent has, since this is a server with full buffs, they are strong by default;
- Disarm: is 100%, it's not suppose to be like that;
- Heroic Valor: last 30 minutes and reuse time is 15 minutes, you should definitely change that.


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Need to be solved Empty Re: Need to be solved

Post by GM-Exid on 05/06/14, 08:35 pm

What are the retail % of disarm, and retail for heroic valor, these are easy fixes, if you give me info I can make changes and post here for mobius to commit


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