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Sharing your work Empty Sharing your work

Post by Mobius on 02/06/14, 12:28 am

Before sharing your work make sure it works as it should.
Run a clean server with your changes and make sure there are no problems with it before sharing.

Use diff patches for sharing your changes.
You can get a program like TortoiseSVN that is able to make diff patches.
Eclipse-subclipse is able to generate diff patches also.

Mind that [code] tabs are not good for sharing diff patches (they convert tabs to spaces).
Please use to share your diff patches.
Alternatively you may use

If a file is too big, use a free file host like to upload it.

Also know that new members cannot post links for a week (host policy to avoid spams).
But you can post the url link without the http://www. Wink

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